There are hundreds of herbs, formulations and preparations used by doctors in Ayurvedic treatment. The careful selection and sourcing of herbs, minerals and oils from the best sources, strict hygiene and high quality control standards are critical in the manufacturing of these medicines and products.
Sahar Herbal Pharmacy manufactures over 500 classical Ayurvedic formulations and 90 proprietary products that confirms to international standards of manufacturing practices. We set high standards of safety, purity and efficacy in these medicines and products.

Sahar Herbal Pharmacy manufacturing unit at Faridabad, India, is ISO 9001:2008 and HACCP (Hazard analysis and critical control points) certified. It is also GMP (Good manufacturing practices) certified, which means it confirms to guidelines recommended by top international agencies in the manufacture and sale of medicines and products. Meticulous care is taken at every phase of the manufacturing cycle to ensure the finest quality of medicines and products.


Quality Compliance

We maintain the highest standards of quality and purity of products by ensuring the following at our manufacturing, processing and packaging facility:

    • Top quality herbs and raw materials sourced from organic farms
    • We don’t use GMO (Genetically modified organism) products in manufacturing
    • Clearly defined and controlled manufacturing process
    • Quality control processes supervised by master Vaidyas
    • Well-trained factory staff
    • Strict guidelines of hygiene
    • Manufacturing facility designed to prevent cross-contamination and mix-ups
    • State-of-the-art environment control in storage and manufacturing to prevent contamination of raw materials

Machines calibrated and maintained as per NABL (National Accreditation Board Laboratory) standards to ensure precision in the manufacturing process
Use of cutting-edge packaging technology


A Tradition of Quality

Sahar Herbal  manufacturing unit employs more than 10 master Vaidyas (traditional experts in Ayurveda), who have years of expertise in the selection, preparation and formulation of herbs targeted at restoring health and balance. This knowledge has been traditionally maintained from many generations for thousands of years.

We source herbs from gardens and farms that follow a sustainable and organic process of cultivation and harvesting. Our medicines and products undergo a meticulous process of manufacturing to ensure that these formulations provide maximum benefits to the body, mind and emotions.